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JOHN HOOVER leads innovation in human psychology and organizational development. His new book on conflict management takes a fresh look at conflict, not trying to manage it at all, but showing how conflict can become an asset in our lives. He shows us how to mine this often untapped resource using his baseball model.   Learn more >>

“Finally. An uplifting and imminently useful guide to surviving and thriving through disagreement and discord. John Hoover’s ability to create simple, practical tools for use in difficult and challenging situations is reflected in his latest work... >>

“John’s straightforward
and powerful methods have something for you. When the inevitable differences in life show up, all you have to do is relax and play ball!” >>

Why baseball? It’s simple, flexible, miraculously effective. >>


Announcing The Release of His New Publication: The Uniting Power of Conflict   >>

Time to play baseball. Baseball can be used to generate profound, creative results in any interaction, even when only one person knows the process. The model gives the person who is receiving the anger a distinct process to use, with steps to follow, to help them get through the stress of emotional conflict. When we handle conflict systematically using the Uniting Power of Conflict model, people feel more connected. The power is in the process.
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I see what you are against. What are you for?  Whenever I am against something, I am not seeing what I am for. The turnaround process teaches you to stop resisting and start acting.

Find the objective perspective of your subjective experience.
I remember a time when a coworker criticized me. I felt my body stiffen, jaws clench, breathing change, and my body was about to be taken over by this emotional reaction. Without an objective perspective, my whole being is reacting defensively to the criticism. However, another part of me observes my automatic reaction and balances my emotions with reasoning. With this objective perspective, we begin to see with expanded awareness that we have choices.

Q.  I manage a division in our company and am having trouble getting employees to make changes that are essential to sustainability. For the most part everyone says they are on board, but they continue to do their work the same old ways. What can I do?

A.  The first step is to identify where your employees’ resistance is.  Have they bought into the new workplace philosophies? Do they have the skills that change requires? When we are in a state of resistance, we are not flexible, fluid, or fully present. We begin to fear error. We hold back. We think we will look foolish, feel embarrassed, be             Read full answer >>